Cereal Ingredients    

Blended Vegetable Oil
Canola Oil
Soya Bean Oil
Various Other Vegetable Oils

Coconut Desiccated- fine, medium, shredded, chips

Dried Whole Blueberries

Dried Whole Cranberries

Dried Whole Sour Cherries

Dried Whole Infused Bing Cherries

Dried Whole Strawberries

Citric Acid- anhydrous
Dextrose- anhydrous & monohydrate
Glucose Syrups
Tartaric Acid
Malic Acid

Apricots- Turkish & Chinese: all grades including diced
Cherries Dehydrated- Chinese
Cherries Glace- Spanish
Currants- Greek, Australian
Raisins- Chilean, Argentinean: all grades
Sultanas- Australian, Turkish, Iranian: all grades
Tropical Fruit Dehydrated- Thai: all cuts and varieties

Almonds- raw, blanched, diced, slivered, meal
Brazil Nuts
Cashews- Vietnamese and Brazilian: all grades
Hazelnuts- raw, roasted, blanched, diced
Macadamia Nuts
Peanuts- Chinese: raw, blanched, roasted, diced
Pecans- US: all grades

Pine Nuts

Walnuts- USA and Chinese: all grades

Buckwheat Chinese
Buckwheat Cracked Chinese
Linseed Australian, New Zealand
Linseed Meal Australian
Poppy Seed Australian
Psyllium Husks Indian
Pumpkin Seed (Pepitas) Chinese, Turkish
Sesame Seed Chinese, Guatemalan, Indian, Thai
Sesame Toasted
Sunflower Australian, Chinese, USA

Other specialty products, including Spices, may be sourced upon request.