Dried, Dehydrated & Glace Fruits    

Dried Fruit

Apple Dehydrated Chinese & Sth American
Apricots Chinese, Turkish
Cherries Chinese
Citrus Peel Imported
Currants Australian
Currants Greek & USA
Dates Iran, Israel, Mexico, USA
Dates Diced, Sliced, Paste
Figs Turkish
Muscatels Australian
Pears Chinese
Prunes Sth American
Prunes USA
Raisins Chilean & Argentinian
Strawberries Chinese
Sultanas Australian
Sultanas Turkish, Iranian & Greek


Premium Dried Fruit

Dried Whole Blueberries

Dried Whole Cranberries

Dried Whole Sour Cherries

Dried Whole Infused Bing Cherries

Dried Whole Strawberries


Tropical Fruit

Banana Chips Brokens
Banana Chips Whole
Canteloupe- diced, chunk
Coconut Diced
Ginger Crystalised- diced, chunk
Ginger Glace- diced, chunk
Mango Half Slices and Slices
Papaya Coloured- snack, diced, chunks, spears
Papaya Natural- snack, diced, chunks, spears
Pineapple-snack, diced, rings, chunks
Pineapple Glace- rings

Glace Fruit

Cherries Glace Green A Grade
Cherries Glace Green Whole and Broken
Cherries Glace Red A Grade
Cherries Glace Red Whole and Broken
Apricots Glace Australian
Apples Glace Australian
Figs Glace Australian
Kiwi Fruit Glace Australian
Orange & Lemon Slices Glace Australian
Peaches Glace Australian
Pears Glace Australian
Peel Citrus Peel Glace Australian
Pineapple Glace Australian