Vegetable Fats & Oils    


Full range of Confectionery Fats including: -
Specialty Fats CBS, CBE and CBR

Shortenings Vegetable for Baking & Frying Applications
Frying Fats Solid Vegetable
Margarine Cake


Oil Blended Vegetable (BVO)
Oil Canola
Oil Coconut
Oil Corn
Oil Cottonseed
Oil Olive Spanish
Oil Olive Turkish
Oil Palm
Oil Peanut
Oil Soya
Oil Sunflower

All Vegetable Oils are available in various pack sizes according to end user requirements- from 500ml to 20 tonnes.

Packaging options include: PET bottles, glass bottles, tin cans and drums, plastic drums, cardboard “bag in the box”, 1 tonne IBC’s and 20 tonne flexitanks.