Pulses & Grains    

Beans & Lentils

Beans Adzuki
Beans Black Turtle
Beans Borlotti
Beans Broad
Beans Cannellini
Beans Cranberry
Beans Great Northern
Beans Haricot (Navy)
Beans Lima Baby Green & White
Beans Lima Large
Beans Mung
Beans Pinto Pre-washed
Beans Red Kidney Dark & Light
Beans Small Red Pre-washed
Beans Soya

Lentils Green Canadian Laird
Lentils Green USA
*Lentils Green Australian
Lentils Red Whole
*Lentils Red Dehulled
*Lentils Red Split


*Barley Pearl
Barley Fine
Bulghur Light & Dark All Grades
Cous Cous
Rice Basmati
Rice Jasmin

Rice Chinese


*Peas Blue New Zealand
*Peas Chick Kabuli 7.5- 8.5 mm & 9mm +
*Peas Green Split Australian
Peas Green Split USA
*Peas Yellow Split Australian

Soup Mix

Soup Mix Standard
Soup Mix Continental

Ord River

Chick Peas Macarena Mediums
Chick Peas Macarena Large
Beans Borlotti
Beans Cannellini

****Please note: many of our Australian sourced pulses and grains are colour- sorted to ensure the highest levels of purity****