FTA - Food Solutions source their products from manufacturers from all over the world.    We also have a number of exclusive agencies.   Details are as follows



Kagome Australia started processing tomatoes in Echuca, Victoria in 1997 and was purchased by the Kagome group in July 2010. Kagome Australia currently produce exclusively for FTA Food Solutions the John Bull Tomato range in pouches which include, crushed Tomatoes, purees, paste and pizza sauces. The pouches provide, less wastage, convenience & Quality.



Wisconsin Spice, Inc. is the world’s premier manufacturer of mustard solutions, shipping products worldwide to customers on all continents. Established in 1973, the global food industry has become well acquainted with Wisconsin Spice, Inc.’s unwavering dedication to quality, customer service, and its unquenchable thirst for collaboration and lasting partnerships.


  Sun Yang  

Tigernuts Traders SL, a Spanish based company, is the leader exporter of Tigernuts and Tigernuts derivatives in the world. Their main product is the Tigernut which is not actually a nut, but a tuber with a great deal of superfood qualities. Tigernuts are gluten free, nut free, allergen free, rich in fiber, potassium, vitamins and have a sweet, nutty flavor. These zproducts are Gluten Free, Organic and Kosher certified.

  Nuts for Life   Nuts for Life maintains a website which aims to educate health professionals about the latest scientific findings on nuts and their role in daily nutrition and health.  
  Guan Chong   With more than a decade of experience in cocoa manufacturing and heavy investment in R & D, Favorich is able to provide quality, safe and consistent cocoa ingredients. Favorich practice Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are ISO 9001, HACCP, HALAL and Kosher certified.  
  Crain Walnut Shelling   Crain Walnut Shelling, Inc., one the largest family owned walnuts processors. grows a significant percentage of their volume for export. Recognised worldwide their "Red Box" is a sales leader for Chandler & Howard premium varieties. Their shelling plant is one of the most modern and sophisticated facilities in the world.  
  Confectionaly Manufacturers of Australia   The Confectionery Manufacturers website provides a variety of information pertinent to the confectionery industry including trends, facts and links to other sites.  
  Agrimac   Agrimac is a young and dedicated company that has quickly established itself worldwide as a producer of quality Macadamia products. Agrimac have gained this recognition because of their total commitment to quality and satisfying the customer's requirements.  
  Trinidad Benham Corporation   Trinidad Benham Corporation is the largest independent marketer of dry edible beans in the United States. They are respected around the world for integrity, category expertise, dedication to quality and superior customer service.  

Founded in 1984 Meduri Farms have grown to become a Premium Supplier of specialty dried fruit to Food Manufacturers around the world.   They have recently completed a major expansion of their facilities which are located 60 miles southwest of Portland in the agriculturally fertile Willamette Valley.




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