Strawberry (Dried)

Strawberries Whole Carton Meduri Farms 4.54kg
Strawberry Crumbles Carton Meduri Farms 9.07kg

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FTA has been an integral part of Kagome Australia’s growth in the Australian & New Zealand Food Service markets and it’s a partnership that continues to thrive.

I urge any food company that is looking for sales and/or logistics support to consider FTA as a partner.

Customer- Foodservice Sales Manager, Kagome

As an FTA supplier, we always know that our product is in good hands and treated by professionals of the food industry.

Supplier- Area Manager, Euro Onions

Meduri Farms has worked with FTA for over 25 years.  We feel this is one of our best global partnerships.  The team at FTA is professional, on-trend and talented.  We hope to continue working together for another 25 years.

Supplier- President of Meduri Farms Inc.