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Why Choose FTA?

With almost 170 years of experience in the food industry, our success is based on five core business fundamentals and several customer-focused benefits.

With a portfolio of over 1300 SKUs from our global network of suppliers under all storage conditions, we have all bases covered. Our experience, facilities and expertise will ensure we can deliver to your needs.

Our Sales, Customer Service and dedicated Insights, Marketing & Innovation team are on hand to provide you with customised solutions. We have a wealth of industry knowledge and access to the latest global & local data, to support you in making sound buying decisions and growing your business.

Your success is our business. We put every effort into forming and fostering meaningful relationships built on integrity with all of our Customers and suppliers, some of which are now as old as our business. Taking the time to understand your needs and making promises we intend to keep is part of our ethos as we know this effort will create mutual success.

We are committed to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment. By exploring renewable energy sources, reducing emissions and maximising the use of recycled materials, we are working towards a more sustainable future.

With our broad product portfolio and holistic range of services, FTA offers our Customers the opportunity to consolidate their supplier base. By working together, many of our Customers have found significant savings, not just in volume related transactional cost reductions, but also in time & resources tied up when relying on a myriad of suppliers.


When you partner with FTA, you join a family with a wealth of experience and a sophisticated global network. Here are some features of our nimble supply chain model that focus on delivering the right product solution to your needs.

Quality in everything we do

Our experienced Food Safety & Quality team work closely with suppliers and producers to ensure product integrity is always delivered. Our robust program of supplier assurance includes Global Food Standard Initiative (GFSI) requirements and compliance checks, supplier visits and audit partners. These are some of the ways we can ensure our Customers are delivered safe, quality food solutions. 

Right product from the right supplier

We only purchase from suppliers who meet the requirements of our stringent Supplier Approval Program and Global Food Safety Standards. Thanks to our valued supplier relationships and Environmental & Sustainability criteria, we have achieved numerous accreditations with our customers, including:

  • Safe Quality Food (SQF)
  • Australian Certified Organic (ACO)
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Australian Trusted Trader (Customs)
  • UTZ Certified
  • FICA
  • HACCP Accreditation
  • Approved Supplier for Major Retailers & Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)
  • Compliance to all national reporting requirements surrounding Ethical Sourcing and modern slavery


Paperwork and red tape taken care of

Our expertise in international trading means that we have become efficient in managing all the necessary documents for producers to export. Whether you already have an overseas supplier contact, and international shipping supply chain is not part of your core business, or you simply don’t want to tie up cash flow, we can finance and manage the supply chain and deliver product when agreed.

It’s a win-win for suppliers who want to enter our local markets and for our Customers in getting their product delivered as quickly as possible. 

Freight & logistics are our specialty

Moving over 7000 containers a year means that we can negotiate preferential freight rates and have access to important vessel space. The product arrives into over 20,000m2 of warehousing space and access to third party chilled and frozen warehousing, so that we can safely store any product with full flexibility and transparency. Our DAWE 1.3 Approval Status for our Altona site means that we can also manage all Quarantine import requirements efficiently. 

Our well-established networks and trade routes enable us to offer a holistic range of logistical services to our customers, including:

  • Ocean and air freight management
  • Customs clearance  
  • Container cartage  
  • Container packing and unpacking, shipment, storage and distribution
  • Sufficient inventory control to cover any unforeseeable changes in demand or shipping delays

On-site services at your disposal

Our service doesn’t end once the product arrives in our warehouse. As members of the HSK Ward Group, we have access to on-site value-added services such as blending, grinding, recleaning and down-packing.

This enables us to provide you with unique product solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

Expansive distribution network & presence

We have a very comprehensive distribution network across Australia & New Zealand, meaning we can manage even the most complex delivery requirements between these countries, whether you are a small-medium sized operator, or a large-scale multinational.

With state offices in VIC (head office), NSW, QLD, SA, WA & Auckland, our team can ensure a timely response to all matters.

Trusted sales, procurement and marketing support

Experts in their field, we have a highly experienced and engaged Sales & Procurement team, who proudly own their portfolios and are committed to achieving excellence.

Working closely with marketing, our team can provide you with tools and strategies to reach your customers through tailored product flyers or co-created marketing activities. 

Dedicated Customer service & shipping team

Our nimble Customer service team partners with your business to ensure your day-to-day needs are met and catered for on a personal level. We also have an in-house shipping team, complete with customs brokers, and an Australian/New Zealand wide network of warehousing.

Worldwide reach for unlimited local solutions

Our relationships with suppliers from around the world means we are always on the ball to provide competitive and unique product solutions for our Customers. Whether we are part of your extended new product development team, or you are simply after a specific pack size or formulation, contact us to explore the possibilities. 

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